Paper: CN Saturated Partitions

ACL ID C69-6202
Title CN Saturated Partitions
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1969

Stephan-Yl ~n Solomon Let L be a lan~'uage over m vocmb~Ja~y V ~nd let de~ot~. by E (V) the s,t of ml! enuSv~lence relmtlon~ (partitions) on V. If ~ ~ E (V) and x ~ V then we sb~ll denote by ~(v) the cell of ~ containing the elmment 7. Defini%ion I. A p~rtition ~GE(V) is s~id to be smturated ev~-VY i (I ~imn) there exlst such elements x~ (J=l,..., ~-l, i+~..... ~) that ~j ~ ~(7.~ ~d 7;...~|. , ~i~i.f..~,~ L. Our purpose i. ,~ to find (in the cese of m finite vocebu- I mry) th~ gre,~test smtnrmted p_-rtit~on Z of the Imn~.umme. Definition 2. Let~E(V) sod x, y~V. We shall s8y that x ~-domimatms y (x3~y) if for every string xI...x~E L wh~e xi= x there exist such ~lem~nts x~ . (~=I .....,i-l, +~ ..... n) that ~2 ~'~d~' ' T' • "'~'/-~Y i*~'''x~ ~ L. We c~n ~wtroduce now the p~rtitlon ~*, cmlB...