Paper: An Interactive Phonological Rule Testing System

ACL ID C69-5301
Title An Interactive Phonological Rule Testing System
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1969

~urface structure of a sentence into its phonetic representation. While the liDguist or the student m~y be possessed with greater intelligence than the mindless robot, he is also possessed with human fallibility, and limited time and energy. For these reasons, the mindless robot can perform far more effectively than a Linded human. The conq~ater program which is described in ~ paper was written to aid human phonologists in the writi~ of rules, the testing -2- of rules, and the teaching of phonology. The importance of such a computerized phonological rule teeter becomes very apparent when one selects at r-n~om any twenty-five English words, attempts to provide what one assumes to be the underlying phonological representation, and then applies the rules of SPE as specified. One of the author...