Paper: A Universal Graphic Character Writer

ACL ID C69-4201
Title A Universal Graphic Character Writer
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1969

O A major harrier to the human communication is attributed to the fact that there is no compatible typewriter, as in the Western World, for any non-alphabetic language outside of the Western World. This paper~11 describe how a plotter can be used through programming, as a universal graphic character writer for all non- alphabetic as well as alphabetic languages in place of the type- writer. This is economically feasible since the plotter is not expensive and can be driven by a small computer on-llne, or off- line using a plotter and tape unit. Each character is treated as a single independent graph and decomposed into line segments within a 16 x 16 grid for non- alphabetic languages, and a 5 x 8 grid for alphabetic languages. Therefore, the graphic character can be represented by the coord...