Paper: Linguistics And Automated Language Processing

ACL ID C69-4101
Title Linguistics And Automated Language Processing
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1969

ng, fact retrieval, translation, or any other purpose requires an analysis of the content of the text and the representation of it in some standard form. Ideally, content analysis consists in determining the concepts present in the material and the interrelations existing among those concepts; the former is based on some form of semantic analysis, and the letter implies syntactic analysis~ although the two forms of analysis are interdependent to a considerable degree. The concepts and relations which have been identified are then translated into a set of canonic sentences representing ~he content of the document. From this representation of the content of the document, all document surrogates--such as strings of index terms or thesaurus groups, abstracts or extracts or translations--are pr...