Paper: Hobbes' Calculus Of Words

ACL ID C69-3901
Title Hobbes' Calculus Of Words
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1969

of a paper for the Third International Conference on Computational Linguistics to be held in Sanga Sgby I - 4 September 1969 . I. 2. 3. (4. Hobbes ~ Calculus of Words Hobbes' (1588-1679) philosophy of language transpires from his much quoted adage: "Words are wise men's counters". (Leviathan ch. IV, p. 25, in the edition of 1885) His ideas meant the rather revolutionary initiation of the preliminaries of computational linguistics. Hobbes' pioneering work underwent two influences, namely: A) a doctrinary influence from Nominalism (e.g. Oocam 1300- 1350), which was overlapped by B) the disciplinary impact of contemporary Physics, more precisely of the newly established Mechanics (Galileo 156 ~- 1641). Leibniz (1646-1715) is Hobbes' main heir; he develops Hobbes' ideas, together with question...