Paper: Uber Zeitkeferenz Und Tempus

ACL ID C69-2301
Title Uber Zeitkeferenz Und Tempus
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1969

: On time reference and tense. The problems of time reference and tense in natural langua- ges are discussed in their syntactic and ee::antic aspects. The syntactic description is based on the principles of the genera- tive transformational grammar. Since tense is a deictic category, the semantics language must be a pragmatically extended system. Furthermore, it seems that the use of tense and time adverbials in languages of highly civilized cultures can be adequately de- scribed in terms of an extensional language. (In all these cul- tures, conflicts concerning time reference are solved by con- sulting an extensional clock and calendar system). The semantic description is based on work done by the logicians Mcntague and Kamp from UCLA. In addition to the theoretical treatment of problems ...