Paper: Syntactic Analysis By Alternating Computation And Inspection

ACL ID C69-1501
Title Syntactic Analysis By Alternating Computation And Inspection
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1969

ng and indexing, and pos- sibly for other technical purposes. It is a commonplace that an automatic procedure cannot resolve every possible utterance of the language, and it is one among several problems for programmers of such procedures whether to leave some sequences unresolved or to present them for inspection to a person acting on the basis of some linguistic knowledge (theoretical and/or practical). It Is also a question of theoretical interest to what extent a given automatic procedure will function and how much it will be improved by the addition of one or an- other set of rules. The purpose of this paper is not to study existing programs from this viewpoint, but rather to build up a program from nothing, investigating step by step the economy of various additions to it. In additio...