Paper: Structural Patterns Of Chinese Characters

ACL ID C69-1001
Title Structural Patterns Of Chinese Characters
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1969

representation of a character according to the gen- ative rules make it possible to specify the patterns of essentially Chinese characters completely in terms of elements (strokes) d operators (concatenators and compounders). In other words, can code Chinese characters by use of strokes and operators sed on this framework of graphic theory of Chinese characters. ~actical applications are of great import and interest, but these ints are not of our direct concern in this paper. This descriptive system was in essence proposed by one of the esent authors several years ago. 2) Some modifications and addi-.ns have been made and are still being made, and generation of ~ual character patterns by rules are being tried with use of a digi- • computer with an oscilloscope display as the output devic...