Paper: Interactive Semantic Analysis Of English Paragraphs

ACL ID C69-0801
Title Interactive Semantic Analysis Of English Paragraphs
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1969

. Formulae are defined recursively as follows: D.I. A formula is a binarily bracketted string of formulae and atoms. D.2. An atom is an element, or an element immediately preceded by "NOT". It follows from this that an element is not a formula. Not all formulae can be assignGd to sense-pairs, but only well-formed formulae: D.3. The head of a formula is its last atom. (and so is the opposite of the usual notion of 'head' in LISP 1.5). D.4. A well-formed formtul a (wff) is (a) a formula, and (b) such that its head is one of the following elements: HOW KIND FOLK GAIN N~ Pf~T SIGN STUFF THING WHOLE WOP~LD BE Cf~SE CH~IGE DO ~EEL H~VE PLELSE PAIR SENSE W~T US~ THIS. 7. INITI~ ~GM~NTLTION OF THE TEXTS. ~ initiol set of functions breaks each sentence of a paragraph up into strings of words, and, ...