Paper: Automatic Processing Of Foreign Language Documents

ACL ID C69-0401
Title Automatic Processing Of Foreign Language Documents
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1969

Experiments conducted over the last few years with the SMART docu- ment retrieval system have shown that fully automatic text processing methods using relatively simple linguistic tools are as effective for pur- poses of document indexing, classification, search, and retrieval as the more elaborate manual methods normally used in practice. Up to now, all experiments were carried out entirely with English language queries and docu- ments. The present study describes an extension of the SMAKT procedures to German language materials. A multi-lingual thesaurus is used for the ana- lysis of documents and search requests, and tools are provided which make it possible to process English language documents against German queries, and vice versa. The methods are evaluated, and it is shown that the ...