Paper: NEXUS: A Linguistic Technique For Precoordination

ACL ID C69-0301
Title NEXUS: A Linguistic Technique For Precoordination
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1969

A method for automatically precoordinating index terms was devised to form combinations of terms which are stored as subject headings. A compu- ter program accepts lists of auto-indexed terms and by applying linguistic and sequence rules combines appropriate terms, thereby effecting improved searchability of an information storage and retrieval system. A serious falling exists in many indexing systems in that index terms authorized for use are too general for use by technically-knowledgeable searchers. A search conducted using these terms frequently produces too many documents not specifically related to the users' requirements. An indexing method using the language in which the document was written cor- rects this failing, but eliminates the generality of the previous approach. A compromi...