Paper: A Conceptual Dependency Parser For Natural Language

ACL ID C69-0201
Title A Conceptual Dependency Parser For Natural Language
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1969

A location of a conceptualization. A time of conceptualization; often has variant forms consisting of parts of a conceptualization. Attribute of a PP; corresponds (in English) to adjectives and some abstract nouns. Attribute of an ACT; corresponds (in English) to adverbs and indirectly objective abstract nouns. Thus, the categories assigned in the above network correspond closely to their syntactic correlates: PP ~ ACT ~ PP ~ PP PA PA However, in the sentence, 'Visiting relatives can be a nuisance', the syntactic categories often do not correspond with the conceptual actors -6and actions. The ambiguous interpretations of this sentence are: one PP (I) ~ ~ bother ~ one ~ ~ ACT ~ PP visit ACT relatives PP (Here we use the conditional present [denoted by c] form of the two-way dependency link,...