Paper: Tree Grammars (Grammars)

ACL ID C69-0101
Title Tree Grammars (Grammars)
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1969

representation of a natural sentence to another (deeper or more superficial) representation of the same sentence as well as transitions from an abstract representation of one sentence to a representa- tion on the same level of another sentence, synonymous to the given One. The conversion of a ~ready ~ surface tree into an actual sentence - a conver- sion consisting of a) inflexion and b) determination of word order - must be carried out by some autonomous device not included in the conception of A- grammar. f~l" _ _ *. ~ from the Greek cJ£v~@poV(tree). ~'~. The limitatlons of place and time prevent us from comparing tree grammars with those of Chomsky as well as from referring to other works dealing with more or less analogous matters, such as studies byM. Arapow and V. Bor- schtschow; G....