Paper: An Integrated Language Theory

ACL ID C67-1033
Title An Integrated Language Theory
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1967

• The outlines of an INTEGRATED LANGUAGE THEORY are drawn, with granmmr, semantics and text-theory as components. Problems of machine retrieva! and machine translation are discussed on the basi~f the outlined theory. At present it is unanimously agreed that no computational linguistics • can be developed without an (before - hand constructed) eXact language theory. (The computer - handling of such an exact4theory is in no way a transparent problem). The aim of the present paper is to outline such an exact integrated language theory. The most promising basis for such a theory is the generative view on language. Unfortunately the generative theory of language is at present unsatisfacto- rily developed. First, this is true for generative grammars. But all other language theory constructi...