Paper: AUTOLING: An Automated Linguistic Fieldworker

ACL ID C67-1029
Title AUTOLING: An Automated Linguistic Fieldworker
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1967

A system intended to act as a linguistic fieldworker via teletype 'interaction with a linguistically unsophisticated informant has been designed and ls being progra,~med in extende~GOL for the Burroughs5500 and8500 computers. The system consists of the three major analytic components ; a program for performing morphological analyses and deriving a segmentation algorithm for sentences in any language ; a syntactic learning program that formulates context free and context sensitive phrase structure rules (monolingual learning component to be added later) ; and a machine translation program that learns to translate in both directions between the query language (English) and the language of the llve informant via bi-lingual transformations. The informant may be viewed as a fourth component, an...