Paper: MORPHISM: A Symbolic List Processing Language

ACL ID C65-1028
Title MORPHISM: A Symbolic List Processing Language
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1965

With the formal study of natural languages, we have obtained some residual results which greatly increase our power of logical manipulation. Coupled with a computer, our language extends enormously the external logic of our computing device. This paper is concerned with a well-defined symbolic list processing language and a set of operators for this language. These operators, which we call morphisms, are themselves operators thereby giving us an indefinite nesting ability. We have defined a schematic representation of'our operators (called a comb-scheme) and have then proceeded to describe a numbering technique which allows us to use these operators with a computer. Since our operators and lists are defined at the time of execution, our ability to change them is unlimited. The pattern of t...