Paper: Data Preparation For Syntactic Translation

ACL ID C65-1027
Title Data Preparation For Syntactic Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1965
  • L. W. Tosh (University of Texas at Austin, Austin TX)

TOSH The following paper discusses the preparation of syntactic data for use in a generalized language transla- tion systemj developed by the Linguistics Research Center at The University of Texas. Capabilities and limitations of translation by syntactic model are outlined and compared with the word-for-word model. TOSt! 1 BACKGROUND In January of this year the Linguistics Research Center held its first demonstration of an operational system for experimental translation oF languages. We prepared n limited set of test data and used a pre-selected input text to demonstrate the operational status of computer programs in the system. I shall discuss briefly the model on which the translation system is based and the preparation of lin- 1 guistic data used in the demonstration. LINGUISTICS RESEAR...