Paper: Specifications For A Tree Processing Language

ACL ID C65-1026
Title Specifications For A Tree Processing Language
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1965

Description of trees and strings - both composed of lexical values - matching of trees and strings against partially or totally defined pattern and operations on trees and strings form the essential part of the ProcessorĀ° The notion of string has been ex- tended to strings embedded in or extracted from trees, and a modi- fied version of the COMIT rewriting rule applied to these strings. Variables ranging over lexical values, strings and trees can be intro- duced and operated on according to a "pushdown" principle. Besides, variables can be operated either ir~ the "connected" or "autonomous t' mode, depending whether their connections with some parent struc- ture are remembered or not. Variable value structures can be matched against patterns or compared among themselves. Trans- formation...