Paper: Generation Production And Translation

ACL ID C65-1024
Title Generation Production And Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1965

The notions of generation, production, synthesis etc. are analyzed, with the conclusion, that the description of a natural language should have ~ a creative and a trans- ductive part. As a system meeting the principal known conditions, a sequence of pushdown store transducers, interpreted as a stra- t~f~cational language descrlption~is proposed. Sgall 2 I.I In the works of N. ~homsky, P.M.Postal, J.J.Katz and others there are formulated three zeneral aims of generative grammar: a) the grammar generatesf all and only the grammatical senten- ces of the doscribed languase, in the senBe of a mathem,~tical enumeration of the set of grammatical sentences; b) the grammar automatically ascribes to each generated sentence a structural d~scription, not contradictory to the intuitive evidence of nat...