Paper: Sentence Generation By Semantic Concordance

ACL ID C65-1022
Title Sentence Generation By Semantic Concordance
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1965

Generation of English sentence is realized in the following three steps. First, the generation of kernel sentence by phrase structure rules; second, the application of transformational rules to the kernel sentence; and fina- lly the completion of a sentence by the morphophonemic modifications. At the first stage of generating kernel sentence, the semantics of words are fully utilized. The method is such that a pair of words in the generat- ion process (subject noun and predicate verb, verb and object or complement, sdJective and modified noun etc). is selected in accordance with the seman- tic categories which are attached to each word in the word dictionary. The semantic categories are determined by considering both the meaning of words themselves and also the functioning of words in sent...