Paper: Some Mathematical Aspects On Syntactic Description

ACL ID C65-1021
Title Some Mathematical Aspects On Syntactic Description
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1965

The purpose of this paper is to help linguists contruct a consistent, sufficient and less redundant syntax of language. An acceptable string corresponds to an expression or an utterance: it may be a natural text, a string of morphemes, a tree structure or any kind of representation. A sharp distinction is made between the syntactic function which is an attrib trin s and the distribution class which is a set of strings. Syntactic function of a continuous or discontinuous string is defined as the set of all the acceptable contexts of the string, and is called a com- plete neighborhood. Two contexts are equivalent if they accept or reject any given string at the same time. An elementary neighborhood is the set of all contexts equivalent to one context. Four simple distribution classes are pr...