Paper: Endocentric Constructions And The Cocke Parsing Logic

ACL ID C65-1020
Title Endocentric Constructions And The Cocke Parsing Logic
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1965

Automatic syntactic analysis is simplified by dis- engaging the grammatical rules, by means of a parsing logic, from the computer routines that apply them. A case in point is the John Cocke logic. It iterates on five simple parameters and finds all structures permitted by the grammar, thus testing the rules, which can then be changed without changing the routines. The rules them- selves need not be ordered so far as the logic of the system is concerned. However, in operating with an IC grammar, rules for bracketing endocentric constructions must be made quite complex merely to avoid multiple analy- ses of unambiguous or trivially ambiguous expressions. The rules can be simplified if they are classified and if the system is provided with an additional capability for applying them in a speci...