Paper: Sets Of Grammars Between Context-Free And Context-Sensitive

ACL ID C65-1016
Title Sets Of Grammars Between Context-Free And Context-Sensitive
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1965
  • Peter Kugel (Technical Operations Research, Burlington MA)

We discuss some sets of grammars whose generative power lies between that of the set of context-free grammars and that of the set of context- sensitive grammars. These sets are developed by subjecting generators of context-sensitive grammars to abstract versions of a "hardware" restriction to which the users of natural languages, unlike the describers of natural langu- ages, might be subject. Kugel 1 The notion of a formal grammar was first introduced to provide formal models of techniques used by the describers of natural languages (linguists) (1). Later, formal grammars have been used as models of the capabilities of users of natural languages (See (2) for a review). Language users differ from language describers in being subject to restrictions on the amount of nhardwareW that they have...