Paper: Models Of Lexical Decay

ACL ID C65-1015
Title Models Of Lexical Decay
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1965

Lexical decay is the phenomenon underlying the dating tech- niques known as "glottochronology" and"lexicostatistics". Much of the contraversial nature of work in this field is the result of extremely imprecise foundations and lack of attention to the underlying statistical and semantic models. A satisfactory semantic model can be found in the concept of se- mantic atom. Notwithstanding a number of philosophical objections, the semantic atom is an operationally feasible support for a lexicon which is a semantic subset of all possible meanings and at the same time, exhausts the vocabulary of a language. Lexical decay is the process by which the lexical item covering an atom is replaced by another lexical item. Exponential lexical preservation is, in this model, directly analogous to decay ph...