Paper: Factor-Analysis Of Correspondences

ACL ID C65-1003
Title Factor-Analysis Of Correspondences
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1965

i FACTOR-ANALYSIS OF COI~I~ESPONDENCES Given two finite sets I and J, we can say that there is a correspon- dence if the elements i I are associated with those of J by couple . There is a statistical correspondence if for each couple (i, j) there corresponds an integer >t 0 : be (i, j) . For instance, we can define the statistical correspondence on the set I of nouns appearing in a certain text and the set J of verbs appearing in the same text . The number ~(i, j) will be equal to the number of times that the noun i is subject of the verb j. There is a random correspondence if there is defined on IxJ a pro- bability measure described by the read positive function p such that Z p(i, j) - 1. Thus p(i, j) is the paired probability of the couple i, j (i, j) . Usually one studies a statistical ...