Paper: Some Questions Of Language Theory

ACL ID C65-1001
Title Some Questions Of Language Theory
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1965
  • S. Abraham (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest Hungary)

It is shown that theassumption that language is non-finite involves the use of a constructive logic which lea#s to some restrictions on language theory an~ to the fact that the only possible definition of language is that propose~ by ~enerative grammars. Generative grammars can be formulate~ a~ normal /~ar~ov/ algorithms an~ thu~ their study can be reduce~ to the stu#7 of such algorithms of a special type. A new type of ~enerative grammar is ~efine~, called matrix grammar. It is shown that a language generated by a context-restricted grammar can be also generate~ by a matrix grammar. Some properties of matrix grammars are shown to be ~eci~able. The problem of the explicative power of generative grammars is ~iscusse~. I. language metatheory, as indeed any metatheorT, must exactly specify t...