Paper: A context-based model for Sentiment Analysis in Twitter

ACL ID C14-1221
Title A context-based model for Sentiment Analysis in Twitter
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

Most of the recent literature on Sentiment Analysis over Twitter is tied to the idea that the senti- ment is a function of an incoming tweet. However, tweets are filtered through streams of posts, so that a wider context, e.g. a topic, is always available. In this work, the contribution of this contextual information is investigated. We modeled the polarity detection problem as a sequen- tial classification task over streams of tweets. A Markovian formulation of the Support Vector Machine discriminative model as embodied by the SVM hmm algorithm has been here employed to assign the sentiment polarity to entire sequences. The experimental evaluation proves that se- quential tagging effectively embodies evidence about the contexts and is able to reach a relative increment in detection accura...