Paper: Exploratory Relation Extraction in Large Text Corpora

ACL ID C14-1197
Title Exploratory Relation Extraction in Large Text Corpora
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

In this paper, we propose and demonstrate Exploratory Relation Extraction (ERE), a novel approach to identifying and extracting relations from large text corpora based on user-driven and data-guided incremental exploration. We draw upon ideas from the information seeking paradigm of Exploratory Search (ES) to enable an exploration process in which users begin with a vaguely defined information need and progressively sharpen their definition of extraction tasks as they identify relations of interest in the underlying data. This process extends the application of Relation Extraction to use cases characterized by imprecise information needs and uncertainty regarding the information content of available data. We present an interactive workflow that allows users to build extractors based on ent...