Paper: Towards Semantic Validation of a Derivational Lexicon

ACL ID C14-1163
Title Towards Semantic Validation of a Derivational Lexicon
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

Derivationally related lemmas like friend N ? friendly A ? friendship N are derived from a common stem. Frequently, their meanings are also systematically related. However, there are also many examples of derivationally related lemma pairs whose meanings differ substantially, e.g., object N ? objective N . Most broad-coverage derivational lexicons do not reflect this distinction, mixing up semantically related and unrelated word pairs. In this paper, we investigate strategies to recover the above distinction by recognizing semantically related lemma pairs, a process we call semantic validation. We make two main contributions: First, we perform a detailed data analysis on the basis of a large German derivational lexicon. It reveals two promising sources of information (distributional semant...