Paper: Online Gaming for Crowd-sourcing Phrase-equivalents

ACL ID C14-1117
Title Online Gaming for Crowd-sourcing Phrase-equivalents
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

We propose the use of a game with a purpose (GWAP) to facilitate crowd-sourcing of phrase- equivalents, as an alternative to expert or paid crowd-sourcing. Doodling is an online multi- player game, in which one player (drawer), draws pictures on a shared board to get the other players (guessers) to guess the meaning behind an assigned phrase. In this paper we describe the system and results from several experiments intended to improve the quality of information generated by the play. In addition, we describe the mechanism by which we take candidate phrases generated during the games and filter out true phrase equivalents. We expect that, at scale, this game will be more cost-efficient than paid mechanisms for a similar task, and demon- strate this by comparing the productivity of an ...