Paper: Argument structure of adverbial derivatives in Russian

ACL ID C14-1101
Title Argument structure of adverbial derivatives in Russian
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

Adverbial derivatives (AdvD) of nouns of the type v jarosti ?in a rage?, s nasla?deniem ?with pleasure?, pod predlogom ?under the pretext of? etc. often inherit the arguments (actants) of the noun they are derived from. However, as a rule, in case of AdvDs these arguments are realized in a way very different from the nouns. The main linguistic findings of the paper consist in the set of positions the arguments may take with respect to AdvD. In a general case, a actant slot of an AdvD can be either (a) blocked, or (b) filled by a dependent of the AdvD itself (e.g. pod predlogom bolezni ?under the pretext of illness?, v dokazatel?stvo svoej nevinovnosti ?as a proof of his innocence?), or (c) filled by the dominating verb (po privy?ke prosnulsja rano ?woke up early out of habit?, slush...