Paper: Automatic Discovery of Adposition Typology

ACL ID C14-1098
Title Automatic Discovery of Adposition Typology
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

Natural languages (NL) can be classified as prepositional or postpositional based on the order of the noun phrase and the adposition. Categorizing a language by its adposition typology helps in addressing several challenges in linguistics and natural language processing (NLP). Understand- ing the adposition typologies for less-studied languages by manual analysis of large text corpora can be quite expensive, yet automatic discovery of the same has received very little attention till date. This research presents a simple unsupervised technique to automatically predict the adpo- sition typology for a language. Most of the function words of a language are adpositions, and we show that function words can be effectively separated from content words by leveraging differ- ences in their distribut...