Paper: Utilizing Microblogs for Automatic News Highlights Extraction

ACL ID C14-1083
Title Utilizing Microblogs for Automatic News Highlights Extraction
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

Story highlights form a succinct single-document summary consisting of 3-4 highlight sentences that reflect the gist of a news article. Automatically producing news highlights is very challeng- ing. We propose a novel method to improve news highlights extraction by using microblogs. The hypothesis is that microblog posts, although noisy, are not only indicative of important pieces of information in the news story, but also inherently ?short and sweet? resulting from the artificial compression effect due to the length limit. Given a news article, we formulate the problem as two rank-then-extract tasks: (1) we find a set of indicative tweets and use them to assist the ranking of news sentences for extraction; (2) we extract top ranked tweets as a substitute of sentence ex- traction. Results ...