Paper: Capturing Cultural Differences in Expressions of Intentions

ACL ID C14-1006
Title Capturing Cultural Differences in Expressions of Intentions
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

The intersection of psychology and computational linguistics is capable of providing novel au- tomated insight into the language of everyday cognition through analysis of micro-blogs. While Twitter is often seen as banal or focused only on the who, what, when or where tweets can ac- tually serve as a source for learning about the language people use to express complex cogntive states and their cultural identity. In this contribution we introduce a novel model which cap- tures latent cultural dimensions through an individual?s expressions of intentionality. We then show how these latent cultures can be used to create a culturally-sensitive model which provides enahnced detection of signals of intentionality in tweets. Finally, we demonstrate how these models reveal interesting cross-cultura...