Paper: HowNet and Its Computation of Meaning

ACL ID C10-3014
Title HowNet and Its Computation of Meaning
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2010

The presentation will mainly cover (1) What is HowNet? HowNet is an on-line common-sense knowledgebase unveiling inter-conceptual relationships and inter- attribute relationships of concepts as connoting in lexicons of the Chinese and their English equivalents. (2) How it functions in the computation of meaning and as a NLP platform? The presentation will show 9 HowNet-based application tools. All of them are not merely demon- stration of some methodology or algo- rithm, but are real application tools that can be tested by users themselves. Apart from the tools that are specially designed to deal with Chinese, most of the tools are bilingual, even the WSD tool. 1 What is HowNet HowNet is an on-line common-sense knowled- gebase unveiling inter-conceptual relationships and ...