Paper: Cloud Computing for Linguists

ACL ID C10-3013
Title Cloud Computing for Linguists
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2010

The system presented is a web applica- tion designed to aid linguistic research with data collection and online publish- ing. It is a service mainly for linguists and language experts working with lan- guage description of less-documented and less-resourced languages. When the cen- tral concern is in-depth linguistic analy- sis, maintaining and administering soft- ware can be a burden. Cloud computing offers an alternative. At present mainly used for archiving, we extend linguistic web applications to allow creation, search and storage of interlinear annotated texts. By combining a conceptually appealing online glosser with an SQL database and a wiki, we make the online publication of linguistic data an easy task also for non- computationally oriented researchers. 1 General description of ...