Paper: Metaphor Interpretation and Context-based Affect Detection

ACL ID C10-2169
Title Metaphor Interpretation and Context-based Affect Detection
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Poster Session
Year 2010

Metaphorical and contextual affect de- tection from open-ended text-based di- alogue is challenging but essential for the building of effective intelligent user interfaces. In this paper, we report up- dated developments of an affect detec- tion model from text, including affect detection from one particular type of metaphorical affective expression and affect detection based on context. The overall affect detection model has been embedded in an intelligent conversa- tional AI agent interacting with human users under loose scenarios. Evaluation for the updated affect detection compo- nent is also provided. Our work contri- butes to the conference themes on sen- timent analysis and opinion mining and the development of dialogue and con- versational agents.