Paper: Automatic Persian WordNet Construction

ACL ID C10-2097
Title Automatic Persian WordNet Construction
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Poster Session
Year 2010

In this paper, an automatic method for Persian WordNet construction based on Prenceton WordNet 2.1 (PWN) is intro- duced. The proposed approach uses Per- sian and English corpora as well as a bi- lingual dictionary in order to make a mapping between PWN synsets and Per- sian words. Our method calculates a score for each candidate synset of a given Per- sian word and for each of its translation, it selects the synset with maximum score as a link to the Persian word. The manual evaluation on selected links proposed by our method on 500 randomly selected Persian words, shows about 76.4% quali- ty respect to precision measure. By aug- menting the Persian WordNet with the un-ambiguous words, the total accuracy of automatically extracted Persian Word- Net is about 82.6% which outperfor...