Paper: Chinese Frame Identification using T-CRF Model

ACL ID C10-2077
Title Chinese Frame Identification using T-CRF Model
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Poster Session
Year 2010

As one of the important tasks of SemEval Evaluation, Frame Semantic Structure Extraction based on the Fra- meNet has received much more atten- tion in NLP field. This task is often di- vided into three sub-tasks: recognizing target words which are word expres- sions that evoke semantic frames, as- signing the correct frame to them, name- ly, Frame Identification (FI), and for each target word, detecting and labeling the corresponding frame elements prop- erly. Frame identification is the founda- tion of this task. Since the existence of links between frame semantics and syn- tactic features, we attempt to study FI on the basis of dependency syntax. There- fore, we adopt a tree-structured condi- tional random field (T-CRF) model to solve Chinese frame identification based on Depen...