Paper: A Semantic Network Approach to Measuring Relatedness

ACL ID C10-2041
Title A Semantic Network Approach to Measuring Relatedness
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Poster Session
Year 2010

Humans are very good at judging the strength of relationships between two terms, a task which, if it can be au- tomated, would be useful in a range of applications. Systems attempting to solve this problem automatically have traditionally either used relative po- sitioning in lexical resources such as WordNet, or distributional relation- ships in large corpora. This paper pro- poses a new approach, whereby rela- tionships are derived from natural lan- guage text by using existing nlp tools, then integrated into a large scale se- mantic network. Spreading activation is then used on this network in order to judge the strengths of all relation- ships connecting the terms. In com- parisons with human measurements, this approach was able to obtain re- sults on par with the best purpose built sy...