Paper: Comparing Sanskrit Texts for Critical Editions

ACL ID C10-2024
Title Comparing Sanskrit Texts for Critical Editions
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Poster Session
Year 2010

Traditionally Sanskrit is written without blank, sentences can make thousands of characters without any separation. A crit- ical edition takes into account all the dif- ferent known versions of the same text in order to show the differences between any two distinct versions, in term of words missing, changed or omitted. This pa- per describes the Sanskrit characteristics that make text comparisons different from other languages, and will present different methods of comparison of Sanskrit texts which can be used for the elaboration of computer assisted critical edition of San- skrit texts. It describes two sets of meth- ods used to obtain the alignments needed. The first set is using the L.C.S., the sec- ond one the global alignment algorithm. One of the methods of the second set uses a cl...