Paper: Syntactic Scope Resolution in Uncertainty Analysis

ACL ID C10-1155
Title Syntactic Scope Resolution in Uncertainty Analysis
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

We show how the use of syntactic struc- ture enables the resolution of hedge scope in a hybrid, two-stage approach to un- certainty analysis. In the first stage, a Maximum Entropy classifier, combining surface-oriented and syntactic features, identifies cue words. With a small set of hand-crafted rules operating over depen- dency representations in stage two, we at- tain the best overall result (in terms of both combined ranks and average F1) in the 2010 CoNLL Shared Task. 1 Background—Motivation Recent years have witnessed an increased interest in the analysis of various aspects of sentiment in natural language (Pang & Lee, 2008). The sub- task of hedge resolution deals with the analysis of uncertainty as expressed in natural language, and the linguistic means (so-called hedges) by whic...