Paper: Entity Linking Leveraging Automatically Generated Annotation

ACL ID C10-1145
Title Entity Linking Leveraging Automatically Generated Annotation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

Entity linking refers entity mentions in a document to their representations in a knowledge base (KB). In this paper, we propose to use additional information sources from Wikipedia to find more name variations for entity linking task. In addition, as manually creating a training corpus for entity linking is labor- intensive and costly, we present a novel method to automatically generate a large scale corpus annotation for ambiguous mentions leveraging on their unambi- guous synonyms in the document collec- tion. Then, a binary classifier is trained to filter out KB entities that are not simi- lar to current mentions. This classifier not only can effectively reduce the am- biguities to the existing entities in KB, but also be very useful to highlight the new entities to KB fo...