Paper: Entity-Focused Sentence Simplification for Relation Extraction

ACL ID C10-1089
Title Entity-Focused Sentence Simplification for Relation Extraction
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

Relations between entities in text have been widely researched in the natu- ral language processing and information- extraction communities. The region con- necting a pair of entities (in a parsed sentence) is often used to construct ker- nels or feature vectors that can recognize and extract interesting relations. Such re- gions are useful, but they can also incor- porate unnecessary distracting informa- tion. In this paper, we propose a rule- based method to remove the information that is unnecessary for relation extraction. Protein–protein interaction (PPI) is used as an example relation extraction problem. A dozen simple rules are defined on out- put from a deep parser. Each rule specif- ically examines the entities in one target interaction pair. These simple rules were tested using...