Paper: Joint Parsing and Translation

ACL ID C10-1080
Title Joint Parsing and Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

Tree-based translation models, which ex- ploit the linguistic syntax of source lan- guage, usually separate decoding into two steps: parsing and translation. Although this separation makes tree-based decoding simple and efficient, its translation perfor- mance is usually limited by the number of parse trees offered by parser. Alter- natively, we propose to parse and trans- late jointly by casting tree-based transla- tion as parsing. Given a source-language sentence, our joint decoder produces a parse tree on the source side and a transla- tion on the target side simultaneously. By combining translation and parsing mod- els in a discriminative framework, our ap- proach significantly outperforms a forest- based tree-to-string system by 1.1 ab- solute BLEU points on the NIST 2005 Chinese-Engl...