Paper: Shahmukhi to Gurmukhi Transliteration System

ACL ID C08-3009
Title Shahmukhi to Gurmukhi Transliteration System
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2008

The existence of two scripts for Punjabi language has created a script barrier be- tween the Punjabi literature written in In- dia and Pakistan. This research has de- veloped a new system for the first time of its kind for Shahmukhi text without dia- critical marks. The purposed system for Shahmukhi to Gurmukhi transliteration has been implemented with various re- search techniques based on language cor- pus. The corpus analysis of both scripts is performed for generating statistical data of different types like character and word frequencies and bi-gram frequencies. This statistical analysis is used in differ- ent phases of transliteration. Potentially, all members of the substantial Punjabi community will benefit vastly from this transliteration system.