Paper: Coreference Systems Based on Kernels Methods

ACL ID C08-1121
Title Coreference Systems Based on Kernels Methods
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

Various types of structural information - e.g., about the type of constructions in which binding constraints apply, or about the structure of names - play a central role in coreference resolution, often in combi- nation with lexical information (as in ex- pletive detection). Kernel functions ap- pear to be a promising candidate to capture structure-sensitive similarities and com- plex feature combinations, but care is re- quired to ensure they are exploited in the best possible fashion. In this paper we propose kernel functions for three subtasks of coreference resolution - binding con- straint detection, expletive identification, and aliasing - together with an architec- ture to integrate them within the standard framework for coreference resolution.