Paper: Topic Identification for Fine-Grained Opinion Analysis

ACL ID C08-1103
Title Topic Identification for Fine-Grained Opinion Analysis
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

Within the area of general-purpose fine- grained subjectivity analysis, opinion topic identification has, to date, received little attention due to both the difficulty of the task and the lack of appropriately anno- tated resources. In this paper, we pro- vide an operational definition of opinion topic and present an algorithm for opinion topic identification that, following our new definition, treats the task as a problem in topic coreference resolution. We develop a methodology for the manual annotation of opinion topics and use it to annotate topic information for a portion of an existing general-purpose opinion corpus. In exper- iments using the corpus, our topic identi- fication approach statistically significantly outperforms several non-trivial baselines according to three evaluatio...