Paper: Japanese Dependency Parsing Using a Tournament Model

ACL ID C08-1046
Title Japanese Dependency Parsing Using a Tournament Model
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

In Japanese dependency parsing, Kudo’s relative preference-based method (Kudo and Matsumoto, 2005) outperforms both deterministic and probabilistic CKY-based parsing methods. In Kudo’s method, for each dependent word (or chunk) a log- linear model estimates relative preference of all other candidate words (or chunks) for being as its head. This cannot be consid- ered in the deterministic parsing methods. We propose an algorithm based on a tour- nament model, in which the relative pref- erences are directly modeled by one-on- one games in a step-ladder tournament. In an evaluation experiment with Kyoto Text Corpus Version 4.0, the proposed method outperforms previous approaches, includ- ing the relative preference-based method.