Paper: Using Web-Search Results to Measure Word-Group Similarity

ACL ID C08-1036
Title Using Web-Search Results to Measure Word-Group Similarity
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

Semantic relatedness between words is important to many NLP tasks, and nu- merous measures exist which use a vari- ety of resources. Thus far, such work is confined to measuring similarity between two words (or two texts), and only a handful utilize the web as a corpus. This paper introduces a distributional similar- ity measure which uses internet search counts and also extends to calculating the similarity within word-groups. The evaluation results are encouraging: for word-pairs, the correlations with human judgments are comparable with state-of- the-art web-search page-count heuristics. When used to measure similarities within sets of 10 words, the results correlate highly (up to 0.8) with those expected. Relatively little comparison has been made between the results o...